fbehaff JGallardo - Art Director | 3D Illustrator


Full draft brand design, web and online store for creative studio based in Madrid. First I set a logo. The client wanted a monkey as a representative of the brand icon, which I thought was very funny make the logo, a part that allows me to make many adjustments as discussed below.

1. offline

In this piece we can see a mockup with different elements of Brand. Such as personal cards or a brochure.

2. Art Pieces

Here we can see different types of monkey logo application, making photo montage simulating real images on a giant mask. They are pieces for use mainly in RRSS or any advertising piece, to give personality to the brand.

3. web & shop

Website design and online store selling items for own merchandising, which also designed, such as shirts or mugs. Web type "onepage" vertically very corporate color and images to full screen. The header is a 3D composition with different elements related to the study and its services. It is currently under development. Bunga-studio.com